Outlook for 2015 for the digital world – mobile and more mobile 21:42, July 20, 2016

Category: Shop

It’s mobile ComScore’s latest annual look at what the digital world is up to has one overriding prognosis. You better get into mobile friendly mode. This is not only for retail but is of course of particular interest to companies or individuals trying to sell any type of goods and services online. Here are some […]

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This is Team Yeah Can’s first eCommerce site using responsive online shop web design technology. It’s still in development but it’s hoped this online shop will be live soon. It’s a brilliant concept. The owner of the shop with the help of her daughter has designed a funky sleepwear range for girls. It’s such cool […]

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It’s definitely Web 2.0. It might even be Web 3.0. But Deal Trove, a new client for team Yeah Can, has a great business model for trading on the internet. A business partner uploads a great deal and shoppers get to win big time. And they needed a new web site user interface design.  We […]

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