White label web design process

A fully collaborative working partnership between Yeah Can and our web design partner produces great work for clients and a profitable business for the partner

Step 1


What is it worth?

One of the most important steps in any project is determining the fees that can be charged. It is important to establish what the client can afford and the amount of work involved so that a fair price can be agreed on.

Yeah Can’s wireframe, sitemap examples and creative briefs all assist during this process. All pricing is open to discussion.

Pre-project preparation

The hard work

As partner you are our eyes, ears and pair of hands. Finding out what the client wants and needs, checking likes and dislikes and gathering content are vitally important processes.

The more accurate the information provided the easier the project will run. Having a happy client throughout the process from design to completed project makes for easy work.

Step 2

Step 3

The Project


Waiting for the magic of the first design and presenting to the client is when it gets exciting. Now the white label web design partner takes over.

The hard work of collecting and collating information is now rewarded when the designer makes it all visual. First the home page and once approved the inner page templates are presented for approval.


The build

Once the design and lay-out of the new website have been signed off thecoding team and technical manager take over. Now the site is built on a testing server, WordPress set up and all features are added.

You and your client are given the opportunity to check the site to see all is working well and to confirm the responsive elements are working as they should.

Step 4

Step 5


Migration and testing

You will have collected your client’s hosting information for Yeah Can’s technical manager so that the completed website can be moved from testing to live.

Again the team goes through full testing processes to ensure all is working, contact forms have the right email addresses, social media buttons link and all features function as they should.

Final step

Hand over

The migration has been completed and the site looks great. Yeah Can’s technical manager is happy to schedule a training call with the white label web design partner or with the client.

Best case is for the partner to work with the site so that easy support can be provided to his client. Of course Yeah Can is available should any assistance be needed.

The best result? A happy client.

Step 6

Let's work together

Schedule an exploratory call to discuss your requirements and to see whether it’s a good fit for you.