The Team at Yeah Can is driven by a love of good design, great user experiences and a constant search for the best solutions to ensure sites work well and download quickly


For more than five years Yeah Can has offered a white label web design service to select partners. SEO specialists, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, print companies and digital publishers have worked with the team. Yeah Can’s reliable outsource web design studio has allowed partners to focus on their main business while knowing that their web design requirements would be well covered.

Web Design Direct to Clients

Yeah Can has been offering responsive WordPress websites to individual clients as well as white label partners. Since moving to Berlin the team has seen an opportunity and has expanded on its service to direct clients by offering individuals as well as small to medium sized businesses a full service web design agency.

Webdesigners based in Berlin

Webdesigners based in Berlin

For full details of this service please visit the new site.

Web Design to White Label Partners

During the past three years Yeah Can has become a web design outsource partner to several SEO and online marketing agencies. A white label partner is one that steps in when required. It’s a non-cost production facility that is used as and when needed.

A long term white label webdesign relationship

A long term white label webdesign relationship

Rather than carrying the cost of staff, training and equipment in-house Yeah Can will produce custom designed websites either as part of the client’s team or as a behind the scenes sub-contractor.

Every website is custom made. This means whatever a partner’s clients are looking for, we can create a bespoke website just right for them. An easy to use content management system such as WordPress hands over full control of the website to the end client which will be branded in the white label partner’s company’s image. As far as clients know, your company will produce everything they ask for in-house.

Particular benefits to this business model are many. The main one is that you can have risk free business growth. Expand your range of services without the heavy investment in new team members or training as this is passed to Yeah Can as your white label partner. It’s a seamless extension of your business.

It’s also a totally flexible service in that you won’t need to sign contracts or commit to any volume of work. Use Yeah Can if and when you need the additional service. You can outsource any part of the service. As an example, if you have a good designer then outsource only the development work.

Or you can outsource the entire project. Let Yeah Can provide design, development, testing and/or content population. You can call on us from landing pages to micro sites to larges scale sites.  It’s up to you whether you advise your clients of our participation or whether you use our totally unbranded behind the scenes service.

Graphic and Logo Design

Yeah Can’s creative lead has years of experience in graphic design. Although Yeah Can specialises in web design, white label web design partners are able to take advantage of a range of graphic design services.

Logo design

Logo design

Discuss your requirements for logo design, business cards, print brochures or eBooks, infographics, presentation folders, PowerPoint or touchscreen sales presentations, sales landing pages, social media banners or designs for Apps. And there is even help with packaging, signage and exhibition materials if required.

Web Development – Full Service Front-end

Yeah Can’s team offers services as varied as their clients’ requirements. The favoured projects are where the team can design and build websites from start to finish.

Full Service Front-end

Full-Service Front-end

Need a fix to a buggy site? Do you have client sites that have coding errors causing responsive view problems? Let Yeah Can’s knowledgeable coding team re-code problem areas to make these sites work for your clients.

Whether clients need a site built with designs already available or have a project where only interface designs are required team Yeah Can will easily work to project specs and if required within a team.


Membership Sites

As people start realising the potential of the internet to add value to their business efforts so does investing in new tools open up new opportunities. One such business tool is the membership site. Whether a personal coach with relevant learning material, a business consultant with a library of general advice or a wine service offering specials to a select few a membership site will offer great value.

Subscription style business models have shown their value. Especially for small business owners, a membership site can become a source of passive earnings. Compiling a range of educational videos, podcasts or lessons in eBook format and selling a membership to this material can bring in a good revenue stream over time.

For a retailer offering consumables such as fashion or food, a membership site can build an exclusive relationship with interested customers. Test new products, promote special items, create a buzz, thank customers for their loyalty and in general take advantage of signed up members’ interest in you and your business.

Membership sites are also used to create ‘gated communities’. This might be useful for family businesses who wish to easily share information amongst each other. For schools and clubs to need an avenue to safely inform stakeholders of news and provide info on what’s happening. Or perhaps a Non Profit service provider whose team of volunteers need private and confidential access to information or training material. One such example being VSO  the world’s leading independent international development organisation that offers volunteers the chance to work abroad to fight poverty in developing countries.

As a white label web design partner, tap into Yeah Can’s knowledge and experience when discussing membership sites with your clients.

Landing Pages, Microsites & eMailers

More and more businesses are using their web presence to capture leads and to nurture new customers. As online marketing grows so do the needs of clients to prepare more sales focused web assets. Landing pages for sales campaigns, microsites to support SEO campaigns or offer special sales opportunities and sophisticated eMailers to keep new customers engaged all add weapons to a marketer’s arsenal.

Microsite: Malta Streets

Microsite: Malta Streets

Don’t allow these efforts to go to waste by not having well designed, fully functioning tools made especially for your purpose. It’s important to ensure that landing pages, microsites or email newsletters read as well on a mobile device as they do on desktop computers.  Your future customers are married to their smartphones. To reach customers via their phones talk to Yeah Can and tap into the team’s years of experience in responsive design and build.


In general Yeah Can tends to approach eCommerce sites with some caution. The breadth of knowledge necessary to master eCommerce is staggering. Professionals need to navigate complex data and computational analysis, have negotiation savvy, be competent in logistics, information technology, data and finance.

As much as there is a buzz around having an online store and small business people see this as a way to expand their product or service reach, the skills required to make a store work efficiently and profitably are generally beyond them. Not only does the business owner need to fully understand their book-keeping, but also needs to know the consequences of taxation, shipping and stock control in global markets amongst many items.

A fully functioning online store also needs to work well with users to avoid shopping baskets being abandoned. An average of 67.75% of all online shopping carts is abandoned according to Baymard Institute, an independent web research company. The truth is, from $1.2 Billion lost in 2009, to $9 Billion in 2011, the amount of money lost due to cart abandonment has been climbing rapidly over the last few years.

Is it worth the cost to a small business owner to set up an online store that handles all orders, dispatches them on time and manages all financial aspects of the transaction? Of course, it usually is. However, for most small business owners what is not known is that the cost of setting up an online store is going to be high. An online store cannot be set up for a few $. If there are budget constraints, and for small businesses there usually are, it is often far more cost effective to offer one’s products using Shopify or equivalent who have all tools under one roof and a shop owner only needs to drop in their product details in the space provided.

Still interested in setting up a store for your client’s or yourself then contact Yeah Can.

Social Media Banners, Powerpoint Presentations, Video Animations and More

It’s important to maintain the integrity of a brand across all media. Once a web site has been designed and built it is advisable to take all or some of the design elements and adapt them to the social media banners the business uses. Whether Twitter or LinkedIn the look of the business should be on brand and on message.

LinkedIn banner design

LinkedIn banner design

In the same way, Powerpoint Presentations should follow through on some of the brand elements. In addition, most business people don’t have the skills or knowledge to create good presentations. In particular sales presentations should be developed carefully to carry through a strong message and to not forget the call to action.

Tools are now readily available to prepare fun or informative videos using animations, copy, images and slides. It’s not always necessary to be a highly qualified video editor to contribute to powerful video material for the business. Video on YouTube is a particularly effective way to add SEO value to a website and to even drive traffic.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Speak to Yeah Can.

Copy, Content Marketing, Blog Maintenance

Clients love to see their websites up and live as soon as possible. What slows the entire process down more often than not is the lack of good copy/text for not only the home page but also the inner pages that are used to describe products and services.

Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

Not everybody has the ability to write good content that engages the visitors on the site and persuades them to make contact, try a service or product or even go so far as buying something.

This means that the entire web design process stalls as client’s put off the evil of having to put pen to paper for as long as possible. This is of no use to anybody of course. It’s best to outsource to specialists rather than to take a long time to produce something not really good enough for public consumption and certainly not good enough to entice new customers.

It’s not only the copy that describes the business that is of great value. More and more SEO specialists advise that to rank in Google search results it is vitally important to have good content that is authoritative and of use to visitors. All other SEO work can be at the mercy of Google’s constant change in algorithms. Great content is always going to work to draw in customers and to help a website rank better in search.

Blogs are of course the perfect way to publish a constant stream of excellent content. Most small business owners do not have the time or the ability to write a constant stream of great blog posts. Hand this task over to people who can help.

Yeah Can works with a range of excellent copy writers. Contact Yeah Can to find out more.

Optimising Websites for SEO Clients

When it comes to SEO let’s not forget onsite optimisation as a hugely important contributor to SEO strength. Many website owners think that using an SEO agency to promote their search ranking is all about external link creation.

Optimising Websites for SEO Clients

Optimising Websites for SEO Clients

However, regrettably off site SEO does nothing for a website if the onsite optimisation fails. As an example, Google’s mobile-friendly test will show up websites that do not pass their requirements. This means that other websites that pass the test will rank higher than your site even if you have great content and an otherwise user-friendly site with good external links.

Does a website need to pass this test if nobody uses their phones to search for products and services? That, of course, is the wrong question. It should rather be how many people use their phones to search. And the staggering answer is that in the USA 94% of people with smartphones use their phones to search even if they have access to a desktop machine at the time of their search. The rest of the world is not far behind.

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