As a web design partner Yeah Can focuses on designing and building websites that work well across all computers from flat screen TVs to smart phones or any number of gadgets in between

About Yeah Can

As a web design partner Yeah Can focuses on designing and building websites that work well across all computers from flat screen TVs to smart phones or any number of gadgets in between

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Yeah Can opened its doors in 2011 in Vietnam while the team was volunteering at a centre for disabled people. The volunteering involved teaching business skills and developing designs for handicraft products. The design work for fees came about servicing international non profits based in Huế, central Vietnam.

Many great friendships were cemented during this time. In fact two more recent websites may be attributed to this time spent in Vietnam. The site for Huế Help and The IntiMate Initiative are organisations initiated and run by friends.

Reluctantly the team left Vietnam and moved to Europe spending some time trying out Spain and Malta until finally deciding that Berlin would be the future home.


Yeah Can in Berlin

Evolving Work and Services

Early on Yeah Can realised that smartphones were here to stay and moved to only designing and building responsive websites. Of course the odd client request was honoured and a few non-responsive sites slipped through the cracks at the beginning. Slowly but surely clients have realised that their customers were going to use their phones to check their sites and responsive sites are now definitely accepted as the norm.

The web design service has mostly focused on building sites with WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS (content management system). It is important that the client has some control over their sites and is able to make small content changes themselves. Of course it’s best that most clients should leave coding work to those in the know. But for quick and easy content changes WordPress is an easy to master tool. To assist with this Yeah Can offers free training within a website design and build project.

A long term white label webdesign relationship

A long term relationship

Remote working with Clients

Team Yeah Can has rarely had direct clients. This means the team does not need to spend unnecessary money on conference and client facilities. Nor does the team have to travel to visit clients for lengthy meetings. This works out at considerable savings in overhead cost which are happily passed on as benefits to clients.

Over the years Yeah Can has added a string of utilities and services to their work processes to ensure that remote work is done efficiently and that clients are always up to date with progress reports. Tools that Yeah Can uses are:

  • Basecamp as Project Management tool
  • InVision for sharing of designs and prototyping
  • Slack to communicate with staff and clients
  • Skype to chat to clients
  • Hubstaff to track work for hourly rate work and supervising remote staff
  • Google Drive for document sharing

What are your Benefits to using Yeah Can as your White Label Web Design Partners

There are many benefits to outsourcing web design to a White Label Web Design partner. Here are just a few:

  1. you outsource to a partner when you need to. That means no in-house studio costs, staff hassles, sick and leave pay, staff training and most of all no worries about not enough work coming in to keep your in-house studio busy and profitable
  2. you don’t have to worry about keeping up to date on new technology. Your outsource partner will do that for you.
  3. it’s fairly low risk as you pay for services as you get them. A good outsource web design partner will have all tools and processes in place to make sure you and your clients are looked after
  4. you can make money on web design without any cost involved
  5. you can pass the work off as yours as once you have paid for it it is yours. A portfolio of work without doing the work yourself.
We know web design!

We know web design!

Why use Yeah Can as your Outsource Web Design Partner?

Yeah Can has five years experience working in web design and working with white label partners. Check the testimonials to re-assure yourself you will be in good hands.

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