Using a White Label Web Design partner lets you offer web design to clients without the risk of opening your own design studio. See how it can work for you.

What is White Label Web Design?

First of all let’s look at the concept of white label. It’s a more recent concept that has been developed into a successful business model. Starting it’s life in the music industry, white label originally referred to vinyl records which were sent out in a white sleeve for DJs to try out.

Nowadays the name white label more often refers to a product or service that is bought by a reseller who rebrands the product or service as their own. In this way the reseller is able to give the impression that he created it.

In some cases resellers may offer a particular service without any investment in the technology or infrastructure. At the same time the producers of the white label product can increase their sales by allowing another company to sell a white label version of their product or service. The company utilising a white label product benefits by being able to add another service or product to their range of offering without having to put the resources into developing or manufacturing it.

Why would you want to use a White Label Web Design Product?

There are many reasons to consider using a white label web design partner to provide you with web design products. Here are a few to consider.

Why re-invent the wheel

Why build up the skills and know how to deliver responsive web designs when somebody else already has them. Not only do you need to spend money on staff, staff training, staff benefit as well as equipment and software but you also have to cope with the constant headache of expert staff moving on to greener pastures. And that’s after you have invested resources to ensure their skills are up to speed with what the web design industry needs.

Not only the in-house capabilities are hard to come by but why even bother when you can outsource to specialist businesses that depend on this to make a living.

Slow to market

Having the cost and headache while building up a well resourced and staffed web design studio can also mean that you have delays delivering your product to market. For instance Online Marketers, SEO specialists and Content Providers might consider that having a web design studio in house could be a benefit to their business.

However, long production delays while your new production facility gets up to speed could mean that you end up losing clients rather than gaining happy ones. Web design as with any other coding environment is not as easy to deliver on as one thinks. Skills are required to ensure that what has been built will work on the variety of gadgets and different sized screens without the user having a bad experience.

Costs can add up

Setting up a web design production facility can end up being a lot more expensive than originally considered. Far from being a cheap solution to help clients get entry level websites a design studio can be costly.

To be able to put out well designed, functional and well working websites requites a fair level of skill. Finding staff is therefore not that easy. Not only that, you have to ensure that staff are constantly up to speed on latest technologies and know their way around the industry. They need to have enquiring minds to see how they can improve their own products as the web design industry is in constant change mode.

This of course also applies to equipment and software requirements. Software upgrades cost money and computers used to run them need constant improvements too. Then there is the ever increasing demand on improving hosting and bandwidth services to consider. Running sites on testing requires considerable space allocation and keeping back-ups of client sites adds to this cost.

Focus on a cost centre and neglect your core business

In particular white label web design partners are of most use to businesses that operate in other parts of the communications field. This could be advertising agencies, design studios, PR and Content Promotion agencies, Online Marketers, Inbound Marketers, SEO people, across the board Marketers or print companies.

Any business working in the communications field in some form or other will find themselves with requests from clients asking for web design work.

It is so easy to think that it would make total sense to set up a design facility. How difficult could it be? But it’s more complex than one thinks. Not only are the costs quite substantial but it also now means you have to go out and sell web design over and above your core business just so that your studio is busy enough to warrant the salaries and expenses incurred every month.

Just because you have one client asking for a website doesn’t mean that you will automatically have a range of clients jumping in to request this new service. And what to do when the design studio starts to drain the profits from other fee earning divisions of your business? Now a decision has to be made whether to employ sales staff or to close the design studio down.

Avoid these Pitfalls

Bring in a white label web design partner rather to avoid these pitfalls. Choose a white label solution rather than building one yourself. A good white label partner will offer a fully supported product or service that’s made by themselves but sold on.

As the reseller of the white label product or service you can brand it yourself and pass it off as your own. This without the risk of the cost of establishing an in-house production facility. An added advantage is that your white label partner has more time to focus on perfecting their product because he has resellers taking care of sales.

A few outright Advantages

If you are still not sure if this is an option for you here are some advantages to consider.

  • Easy to brand. White label solutions can bring new services and products to your business at a blink of an eye. The white label solutions are generally fully integrated and ready-to sell and are easy to brand. You don’t have to spend any time or money on research and development. Just add your branding and get selling.
  • Easy to keep customers happy. A customer usually has an end goal, such as having a good website. Using a white label service gives your customer access to an immediate solution. Your customer does not have to wait for you to set up a design studio. You are ready to get going immediately which means no loss of customers.
  • Saves you time and money and leaves you to focus on your core business. No matter how easy you think it is to set up a web design business and your kid brother is so creative and can do a bit of code your customers will want a more sophisticated solution than some kid can scratch together for you. Web design has grown up. Or at least for those who want a professional one.

A White Label Web Design Partner is a real Option

Overall bringing a white label partner on board allows you to focus on your business while adding a service that your customers will like. Not only that but you can also add your mark-up to the web design project allowing you to make a fair amount of money too. Without any risk. A fully win-win situation.

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