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It’s definitely Web 2.0. It might even be Web 3.0. But Deal Trove, a new client for team Yeah Can, has a great business model for trading on the internet. A business partner uploads a great deal and shoppers get to win big time. And they needed a new web site user interface design.  We loved the project.

For all those smaller or even bigger businesses who don’t want to spend a large sum of money on their own shopping site this is a great idea. Determine a product you can afford to give a good discount on and upload it onto Deal Trove. In one smart move you have a shopping site without all of the hassle.

Deal Trove takes care of all of the money side. And that’s actually a big issue. Paying online and receiving money is not without it’s big fees. Never mind that one has to jump through hoops to get a bank to process the payments.

For the small or medium sized business this is a great way of putting their toe into the online selling water. After all would you want to set up shop on the internet and face the possibility that absolutely nobody pitches up to buy? Not likely. This is a super way to try it out without spending any money. And you face the possibility of many sales.

This puts off a lot of business folk who might have a great product that lends itself to online promotion in that they don’t want to risk the cost of setting up an online store without knowing whether their product will sell. Deal Trove takes the guess work out of it. They make the traffic happen through the site to ensure traders have customers and they take up the burden of all of the payment processes.

All you have to do is ship. Couldn’t be easier. Deal Trove is certainly onto a great service to both businesses wanting to find a further sales outlet as well as customers looking for a good deal. After all, in these hard times, who doesn’t want a good deal? Try Deal Trove yourself to see how great it is.