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Internet users using mobile devices to view products and services

It’s mobile

ComScore’s latest annual look at what the digital world is up to has one overriding prognosis. You better get into mobile friendly mode. This is not only for retail but is of course of particular interest to companies or individuals trying to sell any type of goods and services online.

Here are some telling statistics:

* 75% of US mobile phone owners have smart phones. Of these 53% are Android, 42% are on iOS and 5% use other mobile operation systems

* Consumption of digital content by US consumers on smartphones is up 394% over the last 4 years. Interestingly mobile devices are not taking away from desktop online time, consumers are adding on to their time spent online because they can with mobile devices

* 75% of internet users go online via multiple devices

* 12% of users only use mobile devices to use the internet

* smartphone search grew 17% and on tablets 28%

* 52% of all digital time whether web, apps, desktop, tablet, smartphone and even wearable is spent within a mobile app

Get the full White Paper here.

Reflecting on online sales in 2014

Another interesting study added to these findings. Demandware analysed 100 million shoppers worldwide. They found that in the fourth quarter of 2014, 47% of online retail traffic and 33% of online retail orders came from smartphones and tablets.

That means almost half of the searches to e-commence sites were made via mobile devices and  mobile gadgets accounted for a third of purchases. Demandware further expect these figures to move more and more in favour of mobile devices. It could even be that 2015 could see smartphones becoming the primary traffic driver and that smartphones and tablets could account for 40% of orders.

Is your website ready for mobile devices

The golden days of saying you could lose business if your website is not responsive are over. So does sticking your head in the sand and hoping mobile devices will go away. In fact it’s changed to – you will lose money! Perhaps there are some businesses that can afford to lose customers and money. Do you know of any?