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Live To Love

Live To Love

This is Team Yeah Can’s first eCommerce site using responsive online shop web design technology. It’s still in development but it’s hoped this online shop will be live soon. It’s a brilliant concept. The owner of the shop with the help of her daughter has designed a funky sleepwear range for girls. It’s such cool stuff that girls will never want to change out of her pajamas.

Situated in Asia, this online shop could serve young people in the entire area. This part of the globe wears its nightwear any time and to anywhere. Changing that from old fashioned pajamas to modern young fashion could end up being quite a new Asian trend.

eCommerce is growing with shoppers going online in droves. Younger shoppers especially are happy to use their mobile phones. It could be that online stores will replace many of the shops as we know them. The death of the shopping malls perhaps?

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