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Home Appraisals Inc gets a new mobile website design

Home Appraisals Inc gets a new mobile website design


Mobile website design
Home Appraisals Inc depend on their website for their income. Of course everybody should consider their website to be that important but for this client business is conducted via his website. And it needed to be a mobile friendly website.

Working with a client who knows what he wants
As much as it can often be demanding to work with a client who knows exactly what he wants it never the less is a real pleasure too. Contradiction for sure. But it really does make it easier to work with a company where the CEO knows what works and what doesn’t. After all his website has to deliver on search and on sales being closed. That’s the bottom line.

It’s a pity not more clients view their websites in this manner. Let’s just put a brochure style site up doesn’t really do it for the client. Really. There has to be a purpose behind the website otherwise why spend the money to put one up. And surely the purpose should always be to attract more customers/clients/followers/sign-ups or whatever the website owner needs.

When you hand out your company brochure what are you doing it for? To get more business. Of course when you hand out a brochure you also have the opportunity of making that face to face sales pitch. Your website needs to take on the task of that face to face sales pitch as you are not going to be lurking around in cyberspace all the time to be able to perform this important function. Your website has to take over.

More business is always better
Getting more enquiries or more business is always good. If you are busy enough then here is your opportunity to increase your business enquiries and have the luxury of charging higher fees and being more selective with whom you take up as a client.

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser - Mobile Friendly Website

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser – Mobile Friendly Website


And we did it a second time around
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser was the second site we did for this client. We developed the new logo and repurposed the existing grid that Home Appraisals was built on to accommodate the new entity. This way client could save himself a lot of money.  Changing the top with different images also helped to make sure the websites felt a little different.

Let’s hope this website is as successful as the Home Appraisals one. It should be. Both the Home Appraisals and Commercial Real Estate Appraiser sites are sales focused and sales driven.