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The Real XC

Google’s 21 April has come and gone. For those not in the know, Google announced that they would be expanding their use of mobile-friendly as a ranking signal. It would affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and would affect search results. This would happen from April 21.

Never underestimate Google’s commitment. And here is an example. Google wants to ensure that users have frictionless experiences when using mobile to search the web. And you better believe it.

As much as the results have been changing slowly, research carried out by a bunch of people and organisations have shown that non-mobile friendly sites are slipping in mobile research results. As an example, a study by Moovweb states that they found that 83% of the time, the top result was tagged as mobile-friendly by Google. 81% of the time the top 3 results are mobile-friendly and when looking at the top ten results on Google’s first page, 77% of the search results are labeled mobile-friendly.

See more here for Moovweb. For a more comprehensive view of the state of the mobile-friendly web according to Google check this article at Unbounce.

It’s therefore really important for websites to be mobile friendly according to Google’s directive. That is if one’s site should come up on search on smartphones. And unlike other times, this time Google has spelt out the requirements and is providing Guides and a test your site facility and check their mobile site SEO Guide.

And Yeah Can does just that. Latest new client website to go live ranks mobile friendly according to Google. The Real XC is not only a great site from a visual and content point of view but also for Google’s April 2015 algorithm recipe for success.

Yeah Can does work for direct clients as well as for White Label Web Design Partners. The Real XC website was designed and built for a direct client.

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