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AAA award for Yeah Can’s White Label Web Design Partner


AAA award for Yeah Can’s White Label Web Design Partner

A West Coast white label web design partner had the great idea to submit a website Yeah Can had designed and built for his client to the local American Advertising Awards committee. Not something Yeah Can would have considered doing.

Submitting work to Awards organisations can be a very expensive exercise. In fact the entrance fee can cost more than the website project might have brought in. Add to that the fact that most often it is unlikely to be successful. Small studios tend to have to compete against the big boys. How can a small design team compete against the droves of workers the large advertising and digital agencies can throw at a project.

It means small design studios rarely take part in design awards and certainly hardly ever get rewarded for producing exceptional work for tiny budgets. Yet the small guys produce some good work. In fact it would be almost impossible to be able to distinguish a logo designed for $250 to one a company has spent $250k on. Of course the big design studios would dispute this. But have a look at Yeah Can’s logo portfolio and consider how much these logos might have cost the clients.

A Great and Most Welcome Idea

At the end of the day this was a great idea. Yeah Can is thrilled that the white label partner thought the work good enough to submit to an award competition. And of course Team Yeah Can is totally chuffed the work received recognition in the form of a Gold Award!

For the web design outsource partner it’s also a recognition and reassurance that good work can be found in a white label service. And the client has the pleasure of a Gold Award plaque that he can hang onto his reception wall!