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Mobile friendly design

At Cheryl’s a pet friendly self catering accommodation business based in Table View, Cape Town had an old fashioned Flash website. Not mobile friendly that’s for sure. Her site needed to get a mobile website design facelift.

At Cheryl’s had been a client since before Yeah Can’s time. In fact the same website had been up since 2006. And when most people know that they should change their website at least every three years if not more regularly due to technological advances, Cheryl felt that her site was not broken so why fix it.

Sure the site wasn’t broken. But it wasn’t working either. Flash does not work on mobile or tablet operating systems. This meant that there would always be a broken element on the site when viewed on something different besides a desktop PC.

New Mobile Website Design
Finally the persuasive talk took effect and Cheryl decided to tackle her website. Images were collected, copy was rewritten and a new lay-out designed. In fact the website could not be any more different.

From a brownish background with small images, some copy and a few logos the website was transformed into a colourful and vibrant new look with tiles replacing ordinary menu buttons. Instead of the facility images, Yeah Can decided to use some fabulous colourful photos of scenes and people of Cape Town.

Of course images of the accommodation available were not neglected. Each unit has it’s own section with its own image gallery. There are therefore many opportunities to read up on the details of the self-catering facilities.

Great feed-back
Cheryl received a ton of good feed-back.

Wow – what a difference.  It is much more modern and upmarket and I love all the colours. You can get a good in-depth explanation of each room and the layout of the room is a really great idea.

Love it.  It looks very professional.

The local “Cape Town” photos of the coons and the beaches etc are great.
I also love the way your guest comments rotate at the bottom of the page.

The new website also gave her an opportunity to make contact with her client base and to remind them that she is available for bookings.

A successful conversion of a Flash website to mobile website design.