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Outsourcing to a White Label Web Design Partner

Outsourcing to a White Label Web Design Partner
Digital marketing agencies and SEO professional will have regular calls for web design services. The question in their minds is whether they should carry through on this with an in-house set up or whether it might be a better idea to outsource web design to a white label web design partner.

Isn’t it better to be able to look over the shoulder of your in-house web designer and see that all is being delivered on time, on project specifications and of course the ultimate on budget. Well it will probably have to be over the shoulders of the designer and developer. There are very few creatives who are able to handle the coding as well as the design. This is particularly true in the mobile friendly website era.

Check out these reason why outsourcing to a white label web design partner could be the solution for you.

1) Competent and affordable Staff
Finding people who have the relevant skills is an ongoing headache for digital marketers and SEO agencies. Web design is evolving at a very rapid rate and to try and stay ahead of technologies, design and coding trends while working full time is difficult.

Of course what adds to the pain is the fact that the good people tend to find very lucrative employment with big agencies. Small digital marketing businesses cannot afford to compete. Their clients tend to be small businesses who cannot afford to pay thousands for a website.

2) The cost of equipment
Setting up a design studio is expensive. Machines, up to date software, fast internet access as well as furniture and fittings to go with it can create a very big hole in the budget. Spending thousands on the latest computer, add to that the main gadgets such as tablet and smartphones that one needs to be able to test responsive sites on and profit is eroded at a rapid rate.

3) Staff benefits and Incentives
One can argue that setting up a studio is a one off expense that should pay for itself within a year. However, the money that has to be spent to keep good staff can be as costly than the set up expense.  And what’s worse it’s a monthly overhead.

Medical and dental plans, transport to work, kitchens that serve three meals a day, relaxation areas, staff get togethers and team building outings, supporting staff when ill or on maternity leave and the cost of a web design team can become prohibitive. Allowing your staff to work from home to try and cut down on some of these costs might not work either. Might as well outsource web design rather.

4) Designer on Leave
If you can only afford a small studio with one or two design people you will find yourself at a disadvantage when people want to go on leave or need to take medical breaks. All work grinds to a halt while your staff is away.

This means your present work is at a stand still. No new work can be started and there is nobody available to assist your clients should an emergency occur. Nobody available means no fees can be charged and this means that your income stream will dry up during this period. With four weeks of leave and perhaps three weeks of sick leave available to staff you could end up having two months where your design studio can not post any earnings. A fair gap in your income.

5) Too much work
For those months where you suddenly have an influx of work you wonder whether it is time to set up a second or even third work station. All the hassles that come with expansion such as new equipment, finding the right person and funding the extra salary expense can impact the budget. And you never know whether the new work will dry up.

It’s one of those situations where a new client brings a load of work but soon settles down into giving a few projects every three months instead of a bunch in one month. Now you have paid out for capital expenditure as well as increased your monthly overhead. But the fees are not keeping up with the extra outlay.

During these times it might be better to outsource web design rather than taking a chance on your expansion. When work comes in at a steady stream you can consider your additional in-house capacity. Or otherwise if your outsource web design partner works out you might just stay with them.

Outsource to a white label web design partner
A few very compelling reasons why you might want to use an outsource web design partner. Unnecessary costs to set up an in-house facility could be saved by using outside help. And it’s really not necessary to make less money. As long as you add a good percentage to what you pay your outsource web design partner you should not find yourself out of pocket.