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Mark Harrison, based in Hong Kong, needed a new logo design. He was the owner of effortless abundance a well respected self-improvement website. The site offers information and advice on practical ways and ideas on how one can derive tangible benefits in daily living in the areas of success at work, relationships, financial and health well being.

Mark’s completed Creative Brief was excellent and gave the team at Yeah Can plenty advice on what their new logo should represent and reflect. Mark also gave guidance on what colours he would like to see in his logo. In fact all things that make a designer’s work so much easier.

Creating a logo design to represent a concept is never easy and the thinking was around mind body and soul, about lightness, flying, waves, imagination and progress to mention a few of the ideas that were given to the Yeah Can design team.

Mark also wanted to introduce a new tagline: sailing with the wind and although it would not be a good idea to go for sails and boats as this might make one think the logo represented a yachting business rather than a self-improvement resource the idea of flowing – sails and wind were incorporated into the design.

The end result shown above was exactly what Mark had wanted and he had this to say: The form and the colours do create a sense of ease and flow, and could be reminiscent of water, fire or even a human hand; there is also a sense of purpose. I am very impressed that Kyra has managed to get all this across in a few strokes of colour – this is really the essence of ‘effortless abundance’ that I’m trying to express!

It’s great to have a happy client!