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Responsive Web Design

Learning new technologies is never an easy thing to do. And most times we, the human race, are truly reluctant to venture into new territory. But in the fast moving environment of the inter webs this is not really a choice. So if you like stability, don’t become a web designer. Having to stare down Responsive Web Design for the first time could give you grey hairs.

But Team Yeah Can overcame the many anxious moments associated with this change in direction and managed to transition without bombing out too much. Phew. But it’s only the start of the journey. It’s anticipated that some major train smash will happen at some time in the future. Or maybe not! We could be lucky.

Going back to Atalis Consulting, this was a great website to work on. Client, a high powered Human Resources consultant, was also a flautist of concert level stature. It was easy to combine her two passions and find a design that would represent her.

Yeah Can also provided the copy for most of the pages. This in itself was not as easy as one would expect. The debate was around whether the music theme should be continued throughout the site or whether it would end up being too much. In the end it was decided to have the copy represent the HR field on the inner pages with a sprinkling of music related quotes bringing in the music theme again.

Overall the site itself did not require too many bells and whistles as there was no audio or video to include. This made Team Yeah Can’s task a lot easier. Of course there is no getting away from more complex sites. In fact the Team’s second responsive web design site came immediately after Atalis. And this time the site required a range of media as it promotes musical instruments. Not all plug-ins available for WordPress sites are responsive as yet so some had to be tweaked by Team Yeah Can’s in-house developers. But more about this in the next blog.

For a view of the first Responsive Web Design site go to Atalis Consulting. It looks great on iPhones, IPads and of course on any other non Apple gadget. Loving responsive web design. It’s definitely the future. Well, at least the next few years of ‘future’.