Let's Get Started

Yeah Can’s team was invited to participate at Hope Center’s Creative Workshop on Saturday. And it was wonderful fun to join the disabled and disadvantaged people for a get your hands dirty fabric painting morning.

Iiris Jalkanen has been a Hue Help volunteer working at Hope Center since December 2010. She has been working with the handicraft artisans to develop new products. In particular her skills in sewing are most welcome by all at Hope Center.

As part of her placement and in line with what her University’s requirements are of her stay in Hue, Central Vietnam, she has developed a course for staff and workers at the Center. Every Saturday for six weeks the team at Hope Center will take part in a Creative Thinking workshop.

The Hope Center is Yeah Can’s social responsibility project. This means that events such as these are great opportunities to have fun together and to get to know each other better. In any case it is always a great pleasure being at the Hope Center as the people are so welcoming and friendly.

And the fun that everybody had will ensure that the Yeah Can team will be back the next Saturday. This time it’s going to be making wrapping paper and small boxes for the Center’s products. It will be both a creative and very useful session. The Hope Center needs pretty paper and boxes for its handicraft products especially the jewellery items.