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GBD Worldwide goes the mobile website development route

GBD Worldwide goes the mobile website development route


Yeah Can goes green and eco friendly for this mobile website development. Client, GBD Worldwide (now called H3Sutainability), provides innovative environmental solutions for plastic technology. And coming from South Africa where plastic packets are the roadside flowers a technology that breaks down plastic into biodegradable components is very welcome.

Responsive of course
As usual the team needed to tackle the site from a responsive perspective. That means that the site needed to respond to the various screen sizes that website visitors use when viewing the website. There are many more out there than one considers. Facebook maintains that over 7000 different gadgets are used to visit their website.

Small site packs a big punch
Although the site is quite small it pack a fair sized punch. In any event modern website trends are towards saying less but more clearly. And H3Sutainability certainly have taken this new trend to heart and have followed the latest convention that says easy to read is the winning formula for websites now.

Often times Team Yeah Can is faced with clients who are determined to have small size font with heavy dark coloured background. All design elements that will frighten your readers off. And in some cases will mean that disabled visitors are unable to read the content easily. Why make it difficult to understand? Very short sighted. Literally.

South Africa's plastic landscape. Image Credit: The Guardian

South Africa’s plastic strewn landscape. Image Credit: The Guardian


Great client to have
At the end of the day it’s great to have a client who will go for what is the best for their website rather than try to impose bad design principles just because that’s what they like or what their friends love. Usability is what it is all about. Well done H3Sutainability for  going with mobile website development principles.