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The Focused Organization

It’s not often that Team Yeah Can gets the opportunity to rub shoulders with serious thinkers and book authors. But we were lucky to be appointed to design Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez’ website showcasing his new book The Focused Organization.

It’s been interesting working with an author. Presented with the pre-designed cover of the book, we had red and black to work with. So the first decision was made with respect to promoting the author as well as the book and a personal logo for Antonio was developed.

Taking the initials of his name it was thought he might like to make a stamp out of his logo and use it to stamp books during book signing tours and other promotional activities. Even the idea of stickers to hand out to people appealed. Whether he has the time to use this fun PR tool only time will tell.

Antonio is a very busy person. Besides his high powered job at a bank in Belgium, he also lectures evening class to Business School students. A truly busy schedule. One wonders how he had time to write a book!

Taking his heavy schedule into consideration, it was decided that Yeah Can would write some of the copy to expedite the site design and build. Although the site is there to promote his book, it was also an opportunity not to be missed that would promote him as a person and start brand Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez.

Branding the author will be invaluable when he writes his next book. The branding exercise will build value in not just the new book but the author as well. Something to build on.