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A well hatched Idea and a new web site

It’s great when a project that has been worked on for a fair time is finally completed. Yeah Can’s designer has been working on the designs for Well Hatched’s new web site for some time now. And it’s been a matter of working on smaller items of the overall design in a loose type of collaboration with parties unknown, except for the main instructing client of course.

Generally Team Yeah Can gets involved in a project from start to finish. Idea/concept, wireframe, even sometimes keyword selection, then initial design for the home page, inner page design and the build on a testing server followed by migration and full on testing. That is once all elements have been signed off by clients of course.

But in this instance, Yeah Can only got involved in some design elements. The concept and build has been handled by other parties and only some of the designs were entrusted to Yeah Can’s designer. It makes for a slightly disjointed work process as the bits and pieces are designed in random order without too much background being provided. It’s a challenge, but not a problem really. It just requires a more imaginative process.

In the end, the site is now live and Yeah Can is well pleased with the final outcome. Everything of the very best to a great client whose amazingly clever idea is well thought-out and has been developed into a great website.