Let's Get Started

Yeah Can’s client base is growing and at the same time spreading across the globe. Soon the office will have to have a row of clocks so that we know when our various clients are up and ready to talk to us.

Currently we have one client here in Hue, although it’s actually an NGO from Norway, so not entirely local. Then we have several based in Australia and one in New Zealand.

We have just finished a site for a Montessori school based in Singapore. Finished a site for our favourite client in Hong Kong. Then the Netherlands client has just paid us our final bonus and we are doing work for two different clients in California one based in San Francisco and the other in LA.

And let’s not forget our clients in the UK. A Lottery site and a fun iPhone App with a website for a film production house starting soon.

So far we’ve been really lucky. They have been a bunch of super people who we have worked easily and built great relationships with. We’re hoping it’s not just the lucky house we are living and working in right now. We have a very lucky Vietnamese spirit looking after us.

Maybe we should take him with us when we move to Spain at the end of the month. He’s been very good to us has Tao Quan the Kitchen God. Little altar in the kitchen where we put some fruit and something to drink for him and light incense sticks. Every now and then when we remember we actually put some yellow flowers into the big cactus in its pot.

Our garden is all in pots. We only have paved areas. It means we are in a wealthy house. Grass around a house is for farmers. How points of view differ across the globe. A beautiful lawn in the UK or South Africa means wealth. Here not so much. Your wealth is reflected by the size of the plants in the huge clay containers.

In November we will be moving ourselves and the office to Spain. Wonder if we will have a bit of grass then!