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If nothing else, the work that Yeah Can delivers on is varied. Web design seems to be the big thing in Vietnam. The country is totally connected to the world wide web but not many businesses have a website as yet.

Hope Center is therefor lucky and very happy that they have a great web presence thanks to Yeah Can’s team. What was required more recently was a landing page for a fund raising campaign.

The Hope Center’s new shop needs funding. It’s a small amount and it was felt that an appeal to folk out there might work the best. This could be an opportunity for people to actually get involved directly in a project. They would have the means to make a real difference to real people.

So many people donate to good causes via massive organisations where a fair percentage of the money raised is required to pay the CEO of the non-profit a fairly large salary. So where does your $5 go when you donate?

Do you really want to pay somebody’s salary or would you be happy to give your donation direct to the recipients? Well here is your opportunity because not one bit of your donation for this campaign will pay for anybody sitting in a plush office in a developed world city. The disabled and disadvantaged people at Hope Center will benefit with every Dollar given.

Visit Hope Center. While you are there, please consider giving a small donation for this worthwhile cause and don’t forget to download the free eBook with fantastic images of Vietnam as a thank you for caring.

Your donation will be so appreciated.