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Image of Eyefringe.com website

Nothing is nicer than being able to do design work for a brand new entrepreneur. And working with Heidi on her new product called EyeFringe was really nice. It’s a new innovation for hair accessories developed by herself, a hairdresser and beautician working in the UK. The work ended up being a small website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and packaging printed insert.

Often the best inventions are those where the inventor has realised themselves that there is a gap in the market. It’s a need they have themselves. In the very same way many of the iPhone apps are developed because the developer has found something that they need help with.

Heidi realised that there was no solution to her problem available. She wanted to be able to wear a fringe with her long hair but found her hairline was not suitable. Her hair had a slight waive that made it difficult for her to wear a fringe.

She searched for solutions, found none, and made her own one work. It’s a very easy accessory that slips over the head to fit the fringe securely at the hairline adding a new look to a hairstyle without hassle and furthermore always offering a well groomed look, easily.

Heidi took a trip to Thailand to have her product made. As part of the items necessary for the product Yeah Can designed the insert for her packaging providing instructions and health warnings as well as a nice looking backing for the hair piece to rest on.

In support of her online shop, the website was developed, a YouTube channel set up and a Facebook page started. With additional help she has been able to set up an online shop where people can buy their hair accessory. It’s sure to be a really successful new product. After all everybody likes to look good.

Yeah Can wishes her all the best in her new venture!