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Most people will have heard of social media by now. But have you heard of social discovery? Most often one thinks of Facebook and Twitter as the most representative of social media and a concept that many people have heard of. In fact there are over 900 million people using Facebook right now. That’s a fair number.

Of course social media has sub sections. Social networking is commonly considered when using tools to talk to and support each other. Sites such as LinkedIn have been designed to assist business people to meet and greet and for people to upload professional profiles in the hope of finding jobs or business opportunities.

Amongst all of these umpteen online meeting and sharing places are also the discovery folk. Most commonly one considers online places where people can find people as social discovery sites. Of course cross over situations happen such as on Facebook where one can ‘Find Friends’.

But there are specific social discovery sites that focus on people finding new people, that is people they do not know. Amongst these, and some of the quickest growing communities, are the dating sites.

The reason for this? Regrettably the traditional meeting places for singles looking for a partner are dropping away. High migration patterns of people who think nothing of moving cities for jobs or to attend college mean that finding a soulmate is not as easy as it might have been during the times of their parents.

Traditional meeting and mating spaces such as University campuses, church communities, sporting fields or hobby clubs are no longer regularly attended. Even the work environment is no longer stable enough to foster relationships.

Add to this the divorce/split-up rate and the fact that we live such long and mostly healthy lives and one can see that spaces where people can meet each other for long term relationships can be most attractive.

Enter the online dating sites. A quick scout around shows that not only are dating sites proliferating but the industry supporting this social field is just as active and certainly all out trying to make money off it.

Yeah Can, ever at cutting edge development, is working with several clients to design sites that assist people in the social discovery environment. Mi Amor en Linea is a new kid on the block and wishing it all the success it can deserves!