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Juani’s Churros, Andalucia’s finest Churros!

Err. We did. That was the plan. Let’s focus on something we are really good at. We said. Just focus on offering affordable but still totally professional web design. That’s what we had in mind. But then we know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men. Yes we do. They often go awry. (thanks to Robbie Burns for those words of wisdom…)

Yeah Can has its first Spanish client. Not quite totally local in that client is in Granada, but close enough for Team Yeah Can to go and visit and make an acquintance face to face. That’s always great. Although of course, it takes up a lot of time which could have been spent in the studio. This was especially so because we got lost trying to find the offices.

Granada is trying to build a type of tram line system of public transport. They ran out of money. Aah oops. Now with some extra money from the EU they hope to finish. What it does to the road system is of course a nightmare to visitors. Although, speaking of which, when we went down a one-way road and hit a dead end, we were closely followed by a butcher delivery van and other lost souls.

One would imagine the meat wagon is local and on local deliveries. It seems that Granada moves the goal posts regularly so even Granadians (is that what they are called?) get lost. However, with our UK number plates people should always note. Don’t follow the tourists!

New client has an export agency. And he has persuaded a client of his who makes Churros, the Spanish national nibble which apparently gives donuts a run for its money, to exhibit at an Expo for Spanish Products. Which means that Team Yeah Can is now designing large posters for the walls. Mmh. Whatever happened to web design only.

Variety is the spice of life. Or in this instance Famous Andalucian Churros made by Juani’s Churros do the trick! It’s a family business and has been going since 1949. Great to see a business grow and flourish over such a long period of time. Not that they are stuck in the past century. They are offering gluten free product as well. Definitely moving with the times.

Trip to Granada past the glorious Sierra Nevada

Our trip to Granada was interesting too. Many flowering trees with new green leaves made the countryside even more lovely. The whole scenery framed to one side by an extensive snow cap on the Sierra Nevada mountains proof of a rather chilly April. Beautiful country, our new home of Spain.

All that’s left to do now is to learn Spanish. Not as easy as that might sound. But we’re working on it.

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