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A different white label web design partner approach
EWPNet came to Yeah Can via their SEO Agency a white label web design partner. SEO Travel specialises in helping companies operating in the travel industry to get their sites in front of their customers. As much as SEO Travel is a white label web design partner this business relationship is slightly different.

SEO Travel prefers to let Yeah Can deal with clients direct. In all things white label web design Yeah Can is happy to approach each business relationship according to the requests of the partner.

A new approach was needed
After many years of building their own site the folk at EWPNet realised it was time to upgrade to a more modern look for their website. It was also important to get a responsive site. There are new trends in how people search the net.  Customers are using mobile devices to look for travel ideas and deals.

The old sites tended to focus on offering a lot of information. Now visitors want to be wowed with visual material rather. What can we see rather than what can we read is the way the net is developing. Visitors are more knowledgable. They don’t need pages and pages of copy. Experience is more important.

Screenshot of old Website

Screenshot of old Website

The New Site is Visual
In line with what is happening on the world wide web team Yeah Can redeveloped the new EPWNet site to be more of a visual feast rather than a learning one. People want to immerse themselves in the feel of what the travel adventure would be like rather than read too much about how it all works.

New website for white label web design partner

Screenshot of new Website

A happy ending
Overall the project was a great experience for both EWPNet as well as team Yeah Can. This is what the client said at the end:

“Yeah Can were recommended to us by an SEO provider – and boy are we grateful! Ours was not an easy task – a complete redesign of an existing very large site that had become outdated over the years. They are a great team to work with, communicative and responsive – professional throughout. Not only did they have great ideas, but they also listened to ours which resulted in a website that we are extremely happy with, all done within an affordable budget. Their prompt and personal service gives us no hesitation in recommending them to others. Thank you Yeah Can!”

Visit the new website here: ewpnet.com