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Hamara Needs Logo and Home Page banner

Hamara Needs Logo and Home Page banner

Hamara Needs

Team Yeah Can has more recently worked on two projects that did not require a design to be suitable to responsive web design. You might think this to be a shock and horror story of note knowing that the team promotes responsive web design. But seriously, sometimes the client’s requirement are just not for responsive.

And Hamara Needs’ dedicated mobile app under development will do the trick.

The project that was the furthest back starting in 2012 was the design work for Harmara Needs. This great business concept is being developed by an American start-up. The entrepreneur behind the concept identified a need in the market for a sharing platform directed at the American Asian Indian market.

With over three million Indians living in the USA there is definitely a need for a portal where Indians living in the States can share a range of needs, offers and social activities. Need somebody to share the cost of an apartment why not see if you can find a room mate with the same cultural and religious background.

Or what about finding restaurants that serve your preferred food? Or find a professional, sell a car, share wedding experiences, find like minded people through associations and the list goes on. It’s designed to be a platform where you can find your culture in a country that is not your homeland.

Enter Hamara Needs, an Indian focused portal run by Indians in the USA and targeted at Indians living in the USA. Talk about identifying a niche and serving it. Although three million is a fairly sizable niche. Still, the target has been identified perfectly.

At the end of the day we all like to belong to a group that we can identify with. Whether we are Scandinavians living in Spain or Indians living in the USA or UK we like to keep our cultural identities alive and find like minded people.

For this particular project Team Yeah Can designed the logo and developed the design and usability features of the home page. Having a strong Indian community in our home town of Durban, South Africa and traveling extensively in Asia helped the team to create a look that Indians hopefully can relate to. Feed-back received so far has been really positive. A very pleased Yeah Can Team!

Thanks to Vishnu and good luck to him and his team. Yeah Can wishes them all success in their venture. Check the website here.