Let's Get Started

Here is top model Kim Megson showing off the first of a small range of fun T-Shirts which the Hope Center, Yeah Can’s favourite charity, will be selling for fund raising purposes. Product design rather than web design – indeed.

Well, the top model is not quite the right label. Kim is a volunteer working for Hue Help at the moment teaching English. He was ‘persuaded’ to try on the T-shirt and pose for the camera. Not something he has done too often hence the embarrassment on his face.

This particular T-shirt is one in a range of fun slogans around the expat’s favourite beer. It’s consumed in great quantities in Hue. The heat contributes to the consumption levels but mainly it’s a great tasting beer brewed with the help of a Danish brewery. Hence the name Huda which is a combination of Hu for Hue and Da for Danish.

Now we need to find more models for the T-shirt range so that the images can go up on the Hope Center’s website. Never a dull moment in the lives of Team Yeah Can.