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Word spreads quickly! Once Yeah Can had offered its web design services for free and had uploaded the Hope Center’s new site other non-profits operating in Hue, Vietnam took notice and clambered to get the same help.

Hue Help which works closely with Hope Center by arranging volunteers to teach English at the Center and help with product development asked for help for their site.

Originally it was going to be just some lessons to the Director Graham Buckley in how to work with a content management tool. But it was soon agreed that the original site was not worth saving and that a new one should be built in its place.

Yeah Can saved the content and got to work using WordPress as the preferred content management tool. New designs were approved and the site was built using a fair number of new features.

One of the nice new features is the sophisticated sign in form for people interested in volunteering. Hue Help is all about volunteering and bringing volunteers to help disabled and disadvantaged kids and adults in central Vietnam. But mostly Hue Help serves children.

Yeah Can wishes Hue Help all the very best with their new web site. May they grow from strength to strength and continue offering their important and worthwhile service to the children of Hue.