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Design for National Lottery Can Be Beaten.co.uk

If nothing else, Yeah Can has interesting work from enterprising clients. It’s been great to have such a variety of logo designs to do. It makes for an interesting time.

The latest logo design for a client in the UK was for a site that came with an acronym.  Client has put words to the letters which stood for something completely different. With some clever thinking a feasible new name has been created.

The new site is one which will offer affiliate services for the UK and Euro Lottos helping people pick those elusive winning numbers. The site’s new name is National Lottery can be Beaten and the new logo needed to reflect an image that showed this.

Using the idea of the lotto balls and the colours used in Asia for good luck such as red and gold, the logo was developed over several iterations. Even the pot of gold at the end of the lucky rainbow will have its spot somewhere on the website but was in the end not chosen for the logo itself.

Great fun designing this logo for one of our favourite clients based in the UK.