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Mobile Website Development and Logo for 2 Markets

Mobile Website Development and Logo for 2 Markets

A mobile website development for 2 Markets

It’s always great to get involved right at the beginning. When a new business client comes to Yeah Can it’s fun to work with them on their branding and their web presence. This was certainly the case with 2 Markets.

2 Markets is a telecom expense management service company. Although a brand new business entity, the two Principals involved, have each over 20 years experience in the field. They have worked for large enterprise clients and vendors gathering invaluable skills and expertise. It was logical for them to combine forces and start on their own.


2 Markets new Logo

2 Markets new Logo


First Task: The Logo

With a comprehensive creative brief Team Yeah Can was able to develop a range of logos for consideration. It’s not always easy to find the sweet spot with brand new clients. It does get easier once one knows how they think but a new relationship always needs some luck as well to get it right.

This time around Yeah Can got it quite close almost immediately and with some further tweaking the right one was found to everybody’s satisfaction. The two clients were really easy to please which is always gratifying.

As part of the project the business cards were also developed at the same time. In the past design studios used to have to design a range of material ready for print which included letterheads, business cards, compliment slips and print brochures. Now it’s only business cards usually and of course a website.

The new site needed mobile website development
As soon as the logo had been signed off the website design and lay-out was worked on. Very professional and seriously corporate colours of blue and white were chosen. This was  of course to match up with the logo, but also to follow through the concept that 2 Markets deal with big clients and they needed to present themselves seriously.

Mobile technology is the future. Or at least the immediate future. One can never say what might lie on the other side of the horizon when it comes to technology. Seven or so years ago nobody would have given smartphones or tablets another thought. Now websites have to be viewable on these gadgets. Join or die!