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InkTank Media – New Website

InkTank Media’s team do exactly that. They are story tellers of note. Whether solopreneur or multinational company your message is best told in a compelling and engaging story format. InkTank Media will share your story in many wonderful ways from tweet messages to books.

Before tackling this site Yeah Can had already refreshed two blogs for InkTank Media and added two new designed and built blogs. The existing blogs InkTank with impressive monthly visitor numbers of between 500k to 1 million as well as  Whizzpast have great content and were fun to refresh.  New blogs Feelgoodwardrobe and Kidgamer came online during 2014. Check them all here or click on individual links above.

The InkTank Media team realised that although they had hugely successful blogs they actually didn’t have a web presence for themselves!  Hence the new InkTank Media website. It needed to list the services, show off some excellent testimonials, introduce the team, showcase the impressive client list and encourage visitors to make contact.

We loved the format of the website and enjoyed adding the special features requested by clients. Just as InkTank Media engages with their words, this one page site engages with both words and design pulling visitors in to carry on scrolling and reading. Each block serves a function and leads to the next.

In particular what made the design process easy and fun for Yeah Can was the fact that client provided the copy up front. This meant the design could be developed with the message as central focus. A winning formula.

InkTank Media is not a White Label Web Design Partner. We also love working direct with clients.

Check their site here.