Let's Get Started

The Hope Center in Hue, central Vietnam, always needs a bit of financial assistance. It stands to reason. When 10% of your work force is intellectually disabled you are just not going to be competitive in the business environment.

But at the same time you want to give everybody a chance to earn a living, even if it’s only a small one, so it helps to get some small bits of funding to make up for the production deficit.

Yeah Can had a friend visit from Dubai. She took one look at Hope Center, chatted to the boss Mrs Hong and many of the members who are always willing to smile and chat to a visitor and she was hooked. She promised a fund raising event to support Hope Center’s shop funding campaign. And she is delivering on it.

Back in Dubai she hired a Catamaran for the fund raising event. Now she needed some promotional items that she could send out to her list of friends and work contacts to entice them to participate.

Yeah Can jumped in and produced a fun design for the invitation. The invitation is designed to look like a sail as this event is to be held on a luxury yacht. And the colour blue was chosen to represent the idea of sailing into the blue. Add to that a touch of sailor talk in the form of the greeting and the entire message became very seaworthy!

The event is due to be held on May 13. Let’s hope that the thirteenth on a Friday will be a day of great luck for the Hope Center and that the participants will dig deep to help the Center’s shop fund raising campaign.

Good luck to Jude and her fund raising efforts. The Hope Center is thrilled with her work on their behalf.