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Free Gift box and tags


Free Gift box and tags



Free Gift box and tags

Print out your own mini gift presentation box with matching tag. Download the PDFs of fun gift boxes and gift tags and print them out on your colour printer at home. You’ll easily work out how to fold the small boxes for those special little gifts for your loved ones.

The thicker the paper you can use with your printer the more sturdy your small box will be of course. No need for special software to print out these fun items. Just print direct off the PDF. These boxes are suitable for small presents such as jewellery, small trinkets and sweets or chocolates just to offer up some ideas.

The tags may be used with the boxes or work just fine on their own too as decoration for gifts wrapped with paper.

Download the PDF by clicking on the thumbnail of your choice:

Free Happy Holiday cards


Free Gift box and tags

Here are two fun card designs for you to use. There are two up on the page. Cut the page in half where you see the dotted line in between the two cards and fold the card over having the Yeah Can at the back of the card.

There’s lots of lovely white space in the inside of the card for you to write your own loving message, draw hearts and many XXX to show your love.

Download the card by clicking on the thumbnail:

Happy Holidays to you from Yeah Can.