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Mary Meeker – Internet trends

The State of the Internet according to Mary Meeker
As always, fascinating statistics and information presented by Mary Meeker showing internet trends and what they mean to you and your business. (See report here) Her report of May 27, 2015 is definitely worth a look. She also reflects on the changes that have happened in the past twenty years and their effect on people and enterprises. Four points to note:

The Spread of the Internet
In 1995 global internet penetration was 1%. Twenty years later it’s shot up to 39%. And what we  tend to forget if living in the West is that the spread to Asia and China has been significant. Somehow we get stuck on the idea that only the US and to a lesser degree Europe has access to the internet. Not so. In fact China’s internet users stand at 23% of 2.8 Billion whereas the US only has 19%. And these figures are bound to change quickly. In favour of China.

Mobile Shopping
Mobile Ads and mobile shopping. Advertising is finally shifting to mobile in the form of 5 second ads. And ‘buy buttons’ allowing direct purchases from Google, Facebook and Twitter will surely change the way we shop.

How Businesses are managed now
Computing in the business environment is changing dramatically and quickly. Slack picks up 10 000 active new users every week. Growth figures one can only hallucinate about never mind dream of. But Slack is not the only highly successful enterprise computing solution. There’s Square, Stripe, DocuSign, Checkr, GuideSpace just to mention a few. It’s all about making work easier, collaboration seamless and tools to make running a business so much easier.

On Demand Economy keeps on rolling
Major disruptive businesses. The on-demand economy is here and is affecting our lives. Whether it’s Uber’s better taxi service than the regular offering or AirBnB making life easier for small business owners or individuals to rent out their homes the customer who wants it now is calling the shots.

Mary Meeker is a US Venture Capitalist and former Wall Street Securities analyst. Her main focus of research and analysis has been on the internet and new technologies. She is most famous for her Internet Trends Reports. In fact she published her first one in 1995, twenty years ago.