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Really Bright Digital – A White Label Web Design Partner

Really Bright Digital

Really Bright Digital

Really Bright Digital is a London based cutting-edge Digital Marketing Agency. RBD offers a great range of services from web design, to SEO, PPC and social media campaigns. But wait a minute. Do all of these skills fit together? What are the odds that a PPC specialist knows how to build a website?

Ok, sure. Anybody can download a free template from WordPress, stick in a photo and add some copy. Not talking about those kinds of websites. How about this website you are reading this case study on? Yeah Can’s? Easy to design and build? Nope. In general not within the scope of an SEO specialist.

And this is the case with RBD as well. Although Really Bright Digital offers web design to its clients it isn’t really their main focus. Their specialisation is in the area of SEO, PPC and social media campaigns. In fact they have online marketing nailed.

As with most marketing agencies, RBD offers web design because their clients tend to have either a very minimalistic web presence, have a website that is in urgent need of a refresh or have a website that is not suitable for SEO. Yes, you read that right. A website needs to be designed and built to assist and support the SEO processes.

Finding the right Outsource Web Design Partner

Building websites requires a different skills set and specialised technical knowledge. Web designers have some knowledge of SEO as they need to optimise a site for search but are in most cases far from SEO specialists. In the same way most SEO experts would struggle to design and build a website that is visually appealing, ticks all the boxes for User Experience and Usability and works on all screen sizes.

The combination of a great web design agency working with a highly skilled SEO expert is the ultimate solution for any company or individual wishing to have an effective online presence. It makes business sense for these two specialist disciplines to combine to offer a service to their clients.

Really Bright Digital does exactly that. RBD’s clients benefit from this partnership. For RBD the added bonus is that as Yeah Can offers their service as a White Label Web Design partner, RBD’s clients are not even aware that the web design service is being delivered by a remote outsource partner. Really Bright Digital is able to use the web design service as if it were an in-house studio seamlessly integrating with the RBD SEO, PPC and social media campaign strategies for their clients.

Win-Win for Clients

For clients this is a win-win situation. They are able to tap into two important services to build up their business. Instead of having to allocate a large budget to off line advertising it is far more cost-effective to have a professional website with an expert SEO strategist to place that site in front of the target market.

A website that has been SEO optimised will work hard for the business. It’s like having a sales person on call 24hrs per day, 7 days per week with no leave taken. Add to this effective PPC and social media campaigns at a minimal cost and the web presence should generate an excellent return on investment. As an additional bonus it’s also very easy to measure the return as every effort and their results are tracked and recorded.

Tracking the effectiveness of a campaign also allows one to tweak and improve on ones strategies. If a particular direction taken results in a good return it can be improved upon and adjusted to be even more effective. Newspaper advertising or TV tends to be more of a shot gun way of blasting the message out in the hope one might have a result in whatever form that might be. On the other hand web based campaigns can be analysed in great detail and winners promoted with losses minimised. This is a most effective way to advertise ones business.

Win-Win for the Partners

Web design for our white label partner

Web design for our white label partner

For Really Bright Digital it’s been a bonus to not have to worry about the costs of a design studio. No in-house overheads for RBD when they have a partner available if and when the work is required. It is a most cost-effective solution. RBD can grow its client base without having to rent a larger workspace or employ extra staff which means that profit margins have also increased.

RBD’s plans are to double their sales every year and to expand their range of services around the white label program. They can easily do this as they have the time to focus on sales rather than having to hassle with in-house web design and production issues.

It also allows RBD to focus on providing their clients with customised services which is not always the case in the SEO environment. Having a competent and reliable team to back them up with web design allows them to concentrate on generating new business. It also give them the confidence to Knowing to expand their business further. Being part of the Yeah Can white label program has been the best decision by far.

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