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Picture of Website Design for Fundraising for Education

Fundraising For Education Website

One of the last projects Team Yeah Can worked on before leaving Vietnam to settle in Spain in November 2011 was the web design for the Fundraising for Education.site This is an initiative by Phoenix Education‘s Foundation which started its first Phoenix School in August 2011 based in Hue, Vietnam.

The site was designed and the copy written by Yeah Can. Added to this was an email campaign for the Christmas season. Although the site is a serious fund raising site, it was decided to tackle this important topic in a fun and light hearted way. The Team felt it was important to stay away from the kind of poverty images that have given fund raising a bad name. We should surely not have to have images of tearful, starving children to persuade people to support the school? So let’s see how that works for us.

So far the feed-back for the site has been encouraging and the comments on the design have been really good. There will be a more serious site going up which will be focused on the corporate fund raising side. That would be targeted at major donors and grant providers.

Great to be able to provide web design to a good cause. It’s Team Yeah Can’s second cause and will be the main one the team will support in 2012.

Join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FundraisingForEducation