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WordPress Podcast

A list of Podcasts for Web Design using WordPress

In no particular order. Most of the podcasts are around the topic of WordPress with one exception. Please note. Everybody has different tastes, requirements and expectations. These podcasts might not be to your liking. Use your own judgement.


A Weekly WordPress Talk Show hosted by Jason Tucker, this podcast brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WP and how it affects businesses and lives. It’s listed under the category of edutainment, probably more entertainment than education.

During the podcasts WordPress enthusiasts talk about news, real-life applications and successes, and even the technical side of WordPress. Jason also likes to interview top WordPress leaders and find out how they feel. WordPress is changing businesses and lives. (Link)

WP Elevation

A podcast that deals with a range of topics surrounding the business of your business. Some of the Categories are balance and how to keep yourself balanced in business and private, getting clients in particular high paying good quality ones, how to grow your business, and Tech for WordPress amongst others.

Obviously many of the topics are generalist and therefore can apply to a business that uses WordPress to create websites or a business in a different field. (Link)

Post Status Draft

Starting out as a news aggregator site collecting useful WordPress resources Brian Krogsgard and his team added blog posts and eventually podcasts to inform, educate and assist users of WordPress.
Have a look here (Link: https://poststatus.com/category/draft/) to check out the topics under discussion and the people contributing to the conversation.

Kitchen Sink WP

Already 270 Episodes and counting all available to consume and appreciate. Hosted by Adam Silver a longtime WordPress user. His aim is to share the value of WordPress and its community with others. The topics range from Q+A, reports on events, plugin reviews, new features to how to start a freelance business.

His episode topics range from event roundups to plugin reviews, and freelance business tips to starting an online business. Also worth listening to are his interviews with prominent people in the WP industry. Newbies to experienced WP users will benefit from this weekly podcast. (Link)

Women in WP

Regrettably there are not a lot of women hosting podcasts in general, nor WordPress as a topic more specifically. This podcast series airs bi-monthly episodes that are about women who blog, design, develop and market in the WordPress community. Also discussing how they use WordPress in their business and personal lives.

Hosted by Amy Masson, Tracy Apps and Angela Bowman, this podcast is something the industry really needs. By making a noise, girls will be encouraged to consider web design and development as a career. Check it out: (Link)

WP the Podcast

Run by David Blackmon & Tim Strifler this is a daily podcast that deals with a range of topics. Well known WordPress and Divi experts these short and impactful podcasts not longer than 10 minutes long are worth listening to. Practical WordPress, business and marketing tips delivered in a friendly easily followed style. Never misses a day.

Sign up to follow the podcast. Check it out here: (Link)

Hello, WP!

From one brother to another. (link: https://hellowp.world/) It could be a little slow for anybody who has WP skills. But for newbie web designers using WordPress this could be a fun way to learn.

Bonus Mention: Responsive Web Design – Archive

Not actually a WordPress podcast. But responsive web design is such an important aspect of the modern website that this podcast made it to the list.

The podcast called Responsive Web Design can be found here. (Link: https://responsivewebdesign.com/podcast/) Run by Ethan Marcotte the originator of the concept of ‘responsive design’ and author of the book ‘Responsive Web Design’ and Karen McGrane (Link).

Karen is an author, speaker, professor and is well respected for her expertise in website content strategy and UX. Regrettably there will be no further podcasts. But many gems may be found in the 157 existing episodes.