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Mobile friendly websites

How visitors react to non mobile friendly websites : Graphic credit: Tealeaf/Harris Interactive

The importance of a mobile friendly website

If your website is not mobile device friendly you could have a big problem. Yes the following reasons tend to focus on retail websites. However, every website is selling something. Whether you are an accountant or a personal coach. The reason why you have a website is so that possible clients can read up about you and make contact.

So here are some reasons to make sure your website is mobile friendly:

  • One quarter or one out of four people on planet earth own a smartphone.
  • More than 50% of time spent online shopping is with mobile devices
  • It takes a few visits before online shoppers actually buy. They make 6.2 visits to a site, using 2.6 devices, before making a decision to buy.
  • Slow loading is a revenue killer. One second delay in mobile load time affects conversion and cart size by up to 3.5%.
  • And the brand suffers too. 65% of consumers say their opinion of a brand is impacted if they experience a poor online experience on a website.
  • One third of unhappy shoppers who hate waiting for your site to download say they will never come back.


Did you notice how important load time is?

This is a warning to folk who want to burden their websites with all sorts of bells and whistles. That’s so last year. Simple and uncluttered is now the winning formula. You want the site to load quickly on your phone. Make sure the one big message comes through on mobile and leave out all the pretty stuff.

Refreshing a website

If your website is older than two years then you need a new one. It is almost a certainty that two years ago your web designer did not build you a mobile friendly website. Even worse if you used your cousin’s kid to build it for you.

A website is an important part of your brand. Don’t allow some hobby web designer at it. Use a professional. And be prepared to pay a little for their expertise. It’s not as easy as it might seem. There are some skills required….