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Any entrepreneur starting out will know that choosing a web designer is a very important decision. A good website can bring business and a bad one can certainly frighten off customers.

Here are some specialists you might want to work with:

1) A Website Designer will help you with the layout of your site, prepare graphics, place text and decide on the colours of your site. A designer will help with navigation and linking pages. If you are lucky your designer might be able to do some coding and draw your graphics from scratch. If not they will be able to assist with finding a specialist. In the end your web designer could also work as your project manager.

2) Website Programmer works with the designer and creates the code to ensure the site works smoothly. The programmer is also responsible for all the technical stuff that works invisibly in the background. That means no broken links or slow loading site to mention just a few of the things that need to be checked.

3) A graphic designer creates all the creative content for the site. Will also often be involved in the page layout, choice of colours and more. This is the person who is the visual artist for your website.

4) A copy writer is a requirement if you don’t have anybody on your staff who can write content for your site. It’s also often a time issue. Nobody has the time to sit down to write the copy for your site. In this instance a copy writer might need to be called in. Writing the copy for your site is time consuming.

5)The Internet Marketing Consultant will assist with working with you to ensure your site contributes to your overall marketing strategy of your product or service range. This person will also help you with traffic to your site and optimising your sales pages for you.

Sometimes you might get lucky and find one person who can fulfil all of your requirements for your site. But that’s quite rare. It also depends on the complexity of your site. An ordinary brochure style site will usually only require the work of a web designer. A full on ecommerce site might need a programmer.

If your site needs many illustrations you might want to get a graphic designer involved. And in many instances your web designer has a fair amount of knowledge with respect to keywords and search engine optimisation techniques and you might not need an Internet Marketing Consultant.

Whatever your needs you might want to shop around to find the best web designer for your purposes.