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Image courtesy Daily Mail

Image courtesy Daily Mail

Does your Website download quickly?

Nothing kills visit time and conversion rates quicker than slow download speed. That does not only apply to eCommerce sites where shoppers leave and don’t buy if their page takes too long to download, but also for ordinary brochure style information sites. Make sure your website design follows these basic steps.

eCommerce is a lot more focused on testing and result and therefore contribute more to the discussion. Most folk would probably not notice it if their own website was slow. They might react to a friend or customer telling them, but on the whole we don’t worry too much. After all we are not selling a product.

But then don’t we want out website users to enjoy their visit?

Here are some easy ways to speed up your website.

1) Reduce your number of page elements
Love your videos on your home page? Have high res images in your slider so you make a big statement? What about all of those forms. If your home page loads too slowly, your visitors are going to leave before they get a chance to view the many videos. Be careful how you load your home page.

2) Have less hosts
Want to make money with advertising and affiliate links? They could be slowing down your page download. After all you website has to gather the information from other servers and try and serve it up quickly. Make sure that the percentage of content that loads from other sites is less than 25%.

3) Social media sharing buttons
As much as you might want your visitors to Like your Facebook page, or share your page with their friends all over the web, these external JavaScripts could be slowing down your pages considerably. Be careful which ones you offer especially on social media sites where you hardly make a noise yourself.

These are just a few tips even the amateur can wrap their head around. Talk to your web designer to ensure that your website follows some easy rules to make download quicker for your visitors. Nobody likes to wait!