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Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to all!

A new responsive website to ring in 2014!

So you thought the design and development team at Yeah Can was sitting back, sipping piña coladas and enjoying the festive season? Not quite. The Yeah Can team took full advantage of the opportunity of quieter times to revamp their website and make it a truly responsive website.

Of course the site had been more or less responsive before. But some minor little bugs were giving the team some sleepless nights. It was decided to do a redesign and rebuild the entire site rather than fiddle around trying to make the old one work. It’s often the best course of action. Start over. Far better than committing endless hours to bug fixing.

There is still some tag and SEO optimisation work that has to be done. The kind of backroom work that often takes up a lot more time than one anticipates. And it’s a drag. But it has to be done. And the busy bees are busily doing just that.

Besides that the site is coming along fabulously. In particular the portfolio section is amazing. There is even, finally, a logo section. Great way to display our work. There are still a fair number of design samples that need to be uploaded. Team Yeah Can has been busy in the almost three years it has been going. Almost being the operative word. January is the ‘3rd birthday’.

Tell us what you think of our new responsive website. Would love to hear your thoughts.