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A mobile app was a added to design work offered to these business clients based in the States. Situated on the East Coast of the States this client has briefed Yeah Can on two projects. Both of these projects deal with services to consumers. The one serves a market making a traveler’s life easier and the other one the pet market.

In each case, the site is the start of a new portal serving a specific market. The mobile app that is being developed is especially useful for travellers. It’s something the business people behind the concept have experienced themselves.

They found themselves in trouble when heading to a business meeting and one of them managed to spill food onto their smart business clothes. Where to find a quick and reliable dry cleaning service in a city which they didn’t know?

From this dilemma the CleanTie business was conceptualised and founded. It’s an online service telling people where their nearest dry cleaning facility is located. A mobile app is an obvious addition to this website as your normal business person will definitely want to use their smartphone to find the nearest service provider.

It ended up being an easy project for Yeah Can as the designs had already been done for the website and it was now only a matter of adapting them to work well on smartphones and tablets. A great ad-on to the websites. Happy Yeah Can and very happy clients! View their CleanTie site here!