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Kate arrives at her wedding to Prince William

Kate arrives at her wedding to Prince William

Team Yeah Can abandoned its computers on Friday and headed to the TV. Well, originally it had been thought to plug in the YouTube broadcast from laptop into projector for enjoyment on the big screen.

But there was no commentary on the YouTube Royal Wedding channel, so there went that idea. Although one has to say that the commentary was its normal hilarious self! That is, commentators desperately trying to fill in the gaps with nonsense. Having said that, it makes the whole broadcast even more fun. Alone the gushing whoever who exploded about the gorgeous dress was worth sticking to the small screen for.

It must be said that team Yeah Can was totally divided as to whether THE dress was worthy of the occasion. Surely it wasn’t over the top enough? Oh but wait, an understated elegance could also work. No not at all. After all where was the ‘statement’ that had to be made. The debate raged on. We at Yeah Can are sure we could have done a better job with the outfit. Most definitely.

During the celebration of all things bizarre in terms of hats and funny in terms of the outfits of the British viewers the Huda beer had to be ordered. Yeah Can gets its liquid refreshments from a Karaoke place ten meters away. But the Royal Wedding was so important that an SMS was dispatched ordering fresh supplies and cigarettes. And yip, they were delivered. On the back of a kid’s tricycle. Never say the Vietnamese are not resourceful.

A wonderfully fun and relaxing late afternoon and evening was had by all. Great to have some good news and cheer on the box for a change rather than nuclear fall out and Japanese disasters. Being in Asia it does show up more on TV than in other parts of the world. Not to belittle the extent of disaster the Japanese neighbours have suffered, but it’s great to have something fun to watch for a change. Thanks William and Catherine. You did well.