Let's Get Started

Tackling the website for Effortless Abundance was top priority as soon as the logo had been approved. The first step was to determine the look and feel and have this approved. Then the work really started. And web design is not as easy as might appear.

Even using WordPress as a content management tool has its own pitfalls and problems.

One of the main obstacles facing web designers is the plethora of browsers available to the web users. Not only are there many types of browsers available such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome naming the main players amongst many more lesser used brands but there are also numerous versions still in play.

We, the human being folk, get comfortable with our software and old machines. We don’t want to change. We are also a little scared that with new software we might not know what to do and heaven forbid we might even break the thing.

So we decline to upgrade our software even when it is for free. This creates further problems for the poor web designers. New web sites have to be designed in such a way that even older versions of Internet Explorer for instance will still show the site without broken links or displaced images.

Web design is certainly not as easy as most people thing and it takes great skills to ensure that everything works well. Yeah Can will make sure that Effortless Abundance will have a web site that works!