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Adrienne Bond’s website was a pleasure to work on.  Her main focus was to create a professional online presence in order to promote her consulting work and assist her, should she wish, to find full time employment in a senior position in marketing. In fact the site needed to represent her image accurately.

The main banner was a logical choice. Her home town is Chicago and her thoughts are to possibly move back to Chicago. It was decided to use the downtown landscape of Chicago as the background to her image to both highlight her background and her future possible home again.

The blue colour was chosen to underpin the professionalism of herself as well as the website. The home page had to cater for her various keywords so a three block page was designed to provide the opportunity to write copy about three important aspects being a welcome, her consulting work and a showcase of her case studies.

Yeah Can provided some limited copy writing service to assist with the keyword selection and to promote Adrienne Bond’s knowledge and expertise in the field of consulting using the selected keywords.

As one of the function of the website was to support any job application the curriculum vitae link of the site was placed in a prominent position in the main banner. In support of her various career moves the case studies page was important to promote her work experience and knowledge of the industries she has worked in.

It’s important for professional people to nurture their online presence and to present themselves as seriously as possible. One often forgets that a CI (corporate identity) may also apply to people. Adrienne Bond’s new site aims to do this and certainly achieves its objective of creating a brand.