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Finger Puppets Designed by Kyra

Yeah Can’s time in Vietnam is drawing to a close. This also means that the volunteering work done at Hope Center will be coming to an end in a few week’s time. For a last project Yeah Can worked with the handicraft production artisans to create new products for a competition.

This is a competition for new handicraft product designs run by Hoi An city and it has inspired the Hope Center artisan team with a little help of Yeah Can’s designers to try their hand at making a toy. For tourists looking for something for their children or grandchildren there is not much available. At least there isn’t much that has a Vietnamese feel. Most toys don’t go past the cheap and nasty Chinese import type.

It was decided to try some finger puppets especially as Hope Center has rolls of suitable fabric in storage which meant no purchases had to be made. These five finger puppets are a Vietnamese family. There is grandad with white beard (and yes he does look a bit like the famous Uncle Ho Chi Min), Mom and Dad and their two kids a boy and girl. The five puppets combine the old fashioned or traditional part of Vietnam while at the same time they show off the funky look of the modern young people growing up in Vietnam right now.

Hopefully the Center can win this competition as it not only promises a nice cash prize but also could lead to a very nice order for handicraft products which the Hope Center can surely do with.