Let's Get Started

Team Yeah Can were invited to participate at a client’s 50 birthday party on Saturday. This client, CEO of Phoenix Education, is an American living in Vietnam now for 18 years has married a lovely Vietnamese lady and has three gorgeous children with her. He is also a personality of note.

What was good about the party was that for the first time several of the new team for Phoenix Education were together during an activity outside of work. Phoenix Education is a brand new venture and the first school is only being built as we speak.

It was good to have everybody socialise and most of the evening was spent on chatter designed to get to know each other. In a strange turn during a conversation between a few of the new staff the new logo came up.

Design is something that most people feel passionate about. And when a company gets design right it can ensure good growth in profits and one needs to only think about Apple to get that. Of course Phoenix Education is not in the design of products field. But being passionate about good design will benefit all enterprises. A school as well.

The discussion ended up being so passionate that one of the staff members announced that he would have the Phoenix Education logo tattooed on his arm. In fact he already has the logo as a screen image on his smart phone. However, he had some competition. Others in the group in fact felt that the Phoenix Foundation logo was even better. The arguments raged!

Team Yeah Can had huge grins on their faces. Amazing when your logo design ends up being the center of heated discussion and praise. See what you think about the two logos. Which one would you tattoo on your arm?