Let's Get Started

Hue Help an NGO registered in the UK but based in Hue has welcomed their new site built by Yeah Can. Everybody is thrilled with the design and the ease with which the site can be updated by dedicated staff. Their last request was for assistance to set up their Mailchimp account so they could improve their mail campaigns.

Hue Help intended to use their mailing list to publicise their new site. Their mailing list is extensive and they wanted to make contact to show off their new site. Setting up a mail campaign facility with Mailchimp was the best solution.

It’s important that Hue Help’s website has a fair amount of traffic and that the keywords for volunteer in Vietnam move the site to the front page for Google search. The more popular the site becomes the easier it is to create high ranking search words.

Team Yeah Can set up the first email and assisted along the way to make this a smooth running operation. Hue Help will be able to mail out on a regular basis. This first mail will promote the new website but will also campaign for some funding for their swimming project. Hue has a three month period where floods occur regularly. Teaching swimming is vital to keep the youngsters safe and able to cope when high waters take over the city.

Hue Help is certainly providing a great service. Yeah Can is pleased to have been able to help a little towards this worthwhile cause. Well done Hue Help. Check their new site here.