Let's Get Started

Yeah Can’s team have been involved in Hope Center since December 2010. It’s their favourite non-profit. Such amazing people. The current involvement is with handicraft product development. Not something Yeah Can have been involved in before. So it’s all new territory.

The current excitement is around developing a bangle. This came up by chance as the team at Hope Center mentioned that they have many cardboard rolls left after garment production. Those are the cardboard insides left after the fabric roll has been used up. Hope Center has a lot of those left over after uniform manufacture.

Then somebody else said why not use left over cuts of the A Luoi hand-woven fabric and we could have a win win situation. Two lots of recycled left-overs to be sold at practically 100% return. Very good business sense there.

That lead to a bunch of different width bangles made using bits and pieces of fabric. At this stage during prototyping only one sized diameter is available which of course fits only one range of wrists, mostly thin and smaller people. Trying them out on tourists showed the first short-coming.

However, the positive has been that Vietnamese young people love these bangles too. this means that there will be a local market as well. This is hugely exciting as it means that the shop will not have to depend on tourists for this particular product.

Team Yeah Can is quite optimistic about this product range for the new shop. There is a campaign page for funding required to set up this retail space. Please help with a small donation and get your free eBook at the same time. 54 beautiful images of Vietnam. Definitely worth having.