Let's Get Started

Little did Team Yeah Can realise that a tiny offer to assist with a small problem would end up in a full scale web design project meaning a redesign and rebuild of the Hue Help site. That’s how it goes sometimes, doesn’t it?

But when one ends up looking at a bunch of ever so cute kids that Hue Help looks after in their shelter then the heart melts and the creative juices are not far behind.  Then there are the volunteers who Hue Help places at Hope Center (Yeah Can’s fav organisation). Besides this the Director Graham Buckley is such a nice guy.

Now add all of that together and one can see that it is hard to resist taking on another pro bono job for a non-profit. They all do such good work for people who truly need a hand up. Whether that’s disabled and disadvantaged people at Hope Center or orphans at the Hue Help shelter it’s really difficult to say no.

At this stage Hue Help’s website is still in testing. After all the site has to work in a range of web browser some of them having the ability to give the designers a blinding headache with their problems. Especially dear Mr Bill Gates has some answering to do with the IE6 browser that manages to mangle the most carefully crafted web pages.

On the other hand it’s worth a wait. Hue Help’s site has some really nice features and the images of those cute kids and funky young volunteers is enough to melt the hardest hearts.  So check out the preview screenshot. Good one isn’t it?